Error Codes - 6023 (Unable To Negotiate A Successful Connection)




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    Thanks for your tutorial!

    But the error 6023 is not resolved. 

    When I use the school network can be used normally. When I use the router shared network can be used normally.

    But when I go out, want to use the personal hotspot by iphone, this error occurs.I tried use VPN,it's not works.

    I really need Parsec's features,hope you can help me.

    thaks again.

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    Benjy Boxer

    Hi, school networks are very difficult to connect through. You're very unlikely to be able to penetrate a school network without a VPN. If you're having issues connecting via the VPN, it's likely that you haven't set up the VPN correctly. On the host, you'll have to add the VPN IP address using the network_ip_address setting here.

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    Jeb Eldridge

    I actually have issue -6025, but the Parsec app keeps routing me here. I made an official request.

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    Thach Hoang

    I can't connect to the paperspace machine rent through Parsec. I have checked and it not doubles NAT problem. What could I do now? I have tried a lot and the balance is decreasing while I can't play.

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    Benjy Boxer

    Hey, if you have this issue, no problem. Just email support and we'll refund you. You're definitely on a double NAT or have a firewall. There's absolutely no other way to get this error. You can forward ports to your client and use the Network Settings tab to add the starting port for your network there. If you can't get it to work, please just ask for a refund through the support button in the upper right corner.


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