Error Codes - 6 (Your Request To Access The Server Was Denied By Your Friend)

This error happens when you're trying to connect to a friend's PC and they haven't accepted your request to connect.

Error Code 6 On Friend Connections

Your friend can accept your connection by either clicking accept in the bottom bar of Parsec or by pressing CTRL + F1 when the notification appears.

If the host doesn't get a pop up notification from Windows, they probably have notifications disabled or on quiet hours.  They should check their host tab of their Parsec app instead.

 Annotation on 2020-01-10 at 17-31-29.png



You were connecting to your own machine and you got this error.

  1. Double check you are using the same Parsec account for both your host machine and your client machine.
  2. Your host may have crashed.  Check the Parsec app is running on the host. 
  3. If you get this on a cloud machine, please restart the cloud machine.

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