The Gaming PC You Rented Through Parsec Is Stuck In Pending


 What does Pending mean?

Pending means that your machine is starting, stopping, restarting or in a state where Parsec is not able to login on the cloud machine.

This is what a machine looks like in a pending state:


Just launched your cloud machine for the first time and it says pending?  

Don't worry, this is expected!

Your machine will take up to 15 minutes to turn on for the first time.

Once your machine shows this green icon, you can connect to it by clicking play.

Been waiting for more than 15 minutes?

Read the information below and make a support ticket here 

We are sorry for the inconvenience and understand that this can be frustrating. When you rent a gaming PC through us, you expect it to be available when you want to play, and we aim to always make this possible. Because we do not manage our own machines or control our suppliers, this is generally an issue with the supply of the machines. 

Reasons this can happen

  • Your machine is installing a Windows update and needs more than 15 minutes to finish the update.
  • Something broke on the provider side and Parsec will need to fix it.
  • Your provider is running a low on capacity and things are taking longer than normal.
  • You uninstalled or logged out of Parsec on the cloud machine. 

Been pending for more than 1 hour?

Something is certainly broken and you should shut down your machine and create a support ticket immediately.  If it won't shut down, and you keep getting charged, don't worry, we will replace the credits you lost.

Does the cloud machine turn off before you can connect?

  • If you're getting stuck in pending and the machine shuts down before you can connect, try increasing your forced shut down time for the machine. You can find this by clicking the manage button on the computer.