Allowing A Friend To Connect To Your Computer

Parsec is best used when playing games with friends. We wanted to recreate the couch gaming experience for gaming, but online.

Friending someone is easy. Head to the friends section of the application, and search for your friend - you'll  need their Parsec name and ID.

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Your friend will have to accept your friendship request before you can manage the settings and see them in your list. By default, each friend is granted the least amount of permissions. Every time they try to connect, you'll have to approve their connection and explicitly grant them controller, mouse, and/or keyboard access. You can also invite friends to game with you via link sharing.

Once they accept your friendship, you'll be able to change their permissions to give them more privileges to the computer in the Friends tab in the app.

  • To see the permissions a friend has, click on their name on the Friends Friends tab in the app.

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  • You can revoke a friendship by clicking the unfriend button :(