Allowing A Friend To Connect To Your Computer

Parsec is best used when playing games with friends. We wanted to recreate the couch gaming experience for gaming, but online.

You can friend someone here. Your friend will have to accept your friendship before you can manage the settings. By default, each friend is granted the least amount of permissions. Every time they try to connect, you'll have to approve their connection and explicitly grant them controller, mouse, and/or keyboard access. You can also invite friends to game with you via link sharing.

Once they accept your friendship, you'll be able to change their permissions to give them more privileges to the computer on the Friends Page or in the Friends tab in the app.

  • Finding your friends in Parsec requires knowing their username. You can find your unique username, which includes a number in the upper right corner of the application or in your Account Page.


  • With that unique id, you can search for your friend and send a friend request.


There are lots of Jakes!

  • To see the permissions a friend has, click on their name on the Friends Page or Friends tab in the app.


  • By default, a friend has the permission to request a connection.


  • You can also grant the friend permission to connect without requesting access. Please do not use this setting unless you want to give your friend access to your computer and administrator privileges. This gives your friend the ability to connect to your PC at any time, even if you're not around, and the Parsec host is running.


  • You can revoke a friendship by clicking the unfriend button :(