Renting A Gaming PC From Parsec's Cloud Gaming Marketplace

Important Information

As of September 3, 2019, new Parsec users will no longer have the option to rent cloud computers. If you already have credits in your account on that date, you will have the option to keep adding credits and renting machines until January 1, 2020. After January 1, you will no longer be able to add credits to your account, and you will need to use your credits entirely by February 1, 2020. If you'd like a refund for your remaining credits, please click here.

If you're unable to host a gaming session on your current gaming PC, or if you don't have a gaming PC and want to play some of the latest games, we make it easy to rent a gaming PC online.

  • Visit the cloud tab of your Parsec app.
  • Choose which gaming PC you'd like to build - this should be a combination of proximity to your current location and the specs of the machine. You can get several different specs from us since we work with multiple providers. Games using the Unreal Engine 4, like PUBG, will run best on Amazon Web Services g3.4xlarge, but they're expensive.
  • Choose the region closest to where you plan on doing most of your gaming after selecting the machine type you'd like to game with.


  • This is important for Amazon users - every time you start an Amazon Cloud Gaming PC, you will be charged, at a minimum, one hour. Amazon always rounds up to the nearest hour. So, if you play for 5 minutes, you'll be charged for one hour. If you play for 5 minutes, shut down your PC, start it again, and play for another 5 minutes, you'll be charged for two hours. If you play for one hour and 1 minute, you'll be charged for two hours. 
  • Next choose your storage. Windows takes about 30 GB of your storage, so consider that when choosing the right package. Also, please remember some games, like GTA V can take an enormous amount of space (70 GB), so choose enough storage for your needs. Storage prices differ by provider, so please take a look at the price before choosing. You will be charged daily for your storage, whether or not you use the machine. 
  • If you don't plan on gaming for awhile, please delete your machine. This will result in lost data, but it will save you from slowly depleting your balance due to storage costs.


  • Buy more credits to game with. If you have a positive balance in your Parsec account, you can choose the $0 plan and continue to the next step. If you have a $0 or negative balance, you'll need to choose one of the plans offered. We do not automatically renew your account. When you run out of funds (either from gaming or from leaving your storage), you'll receive an email reminding you to buy more credits.


  • Confirm that you have the right machine and check our estimated time for gaming. You can look at how many hours of gaming you'll get over one, two, or three months based on your storage and machine type. As noted above, storage will eat into your account balance every day since it costs us money to hold on to your hard drive in the cloud. 


  • Add your credit card information and purchase your plan. This will initiate the process of building your gaming PC in the cloud. The building process can take 5 minutes if it's on Amazon or about 15 minutes on Paperspace.
  • If your payment failed, please read this article explaining why that might happen.
  • Invite friends to game with you on your new cloud gaming machine, and start playing!