Using Your Amazon Cloud Gaming PC On Parsec

When you build your gaming PC on Parsec with Amazon, we immediately issue commands to create the machine in the region you chose. That process typically takes about 5 minutes to finish. The machine will be available whenever you want, and as long as you keep a positive balance in Parsec and choose to save your data, it will be available with all of your data forever.

Every 100GB of data storage costs about $10 per month on Amazon. If you're not using the machine consistently, we recommend you delete it rather than incur the extra cost.

Every time you start the machine, you will be charged, at a minimum, for one hour of time. So, if you use the machine for 5 minutes, stop it, and then start it again, play for 5 minutes, and stop it, you'll be charged for two hours.

If you use the machine for one hour and 2 minutes straight, you'll be charged for two hours of gaming.