Setting Up Parsec On MacOS

Parsec is supported on macOS 10.9 (Mavericks) or greater.


  • The Parsec Application for macOS can be downloaded here.
  • Install Parsec by following the installer guide.


  • Launch Parsec from your Applications folder and log in or create your account.


  • Install the drivers for your controller - Macs only recognize Direct Input controllers. If you're trying to use an Xbox controller or another device using Xinput, there are a few driver options out there. Here's a great Xbox controller driver for the Mac that works with Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers. If the driver requests security permissions, you must approve them to get the controllers working. Once the driver is installed, Parsec will recognize your controller. You may need to do some mapping following the instructions here
  • Change your settings to optimize your connection.


  • Make your first connection either to a gaming PC you added (your own, or one from the Cloud Gaming Marketplace) to your account or to one that your friend invited you to connect to.




  • Quitting the Parsec Application during the stream requires you to follow the standard quitting shortcut (command + Q).
  • Mac function keys may not interact with the gaming PC as expected. You'll need to change the default behavior of your Apple keyboard to pass these hotkeys. Apple provides a great tutorial on changing these.