Setting Up Parsec On Windows

This set up is for anyone looking to install Parsec on a Windows computer that isn't going to be hosting gaming sessions. If you want to use your Windows computer as a host, please follow the instructions here.

Parsec can be used as a client on Windows 7 or later. If you want to run Parsec with hardware accelerated decoding, which lowers latency and improves quality, please confirm that your computer supports it. If it doesn't, make sure your CPU at least supports OpenGL 2 or greater or use the DirectX renderer. If neither of these requirements are met, you will not be able to use your computer to parsec into a gaming PC.

  • Visit our downloads page and download the Windows version of Parsec.
  • Make sure you download the right version of Parsec for your Windows operating system. Some Windows computers still run the 32-bit version of Windows. Please choose that version of the Parsec software if your computer is running 32-bit Windows.
  • Install Parsec and accept the Windows Firewall exception request. If you don't do this, follow this article on adding a Windows Firewall exception.
  • If Parsec doesn't successfully install, it's most likely because your anti-virus is blocking the installation. Please make sure your anti-virus doesn't block it.
  • Log in or create an account when Parsec launches.