Setting Up A VPN To Play Games On A Virtual Local Network

When you get a networking error from Parsec and you've tried port forwarding, and it doesn't work or you don't have access to your network infrastructure, you can try one more thing - a VPN tunnel. We recommend ZeroTier - it's free and easy to set up.

  • Download ZeroTier here.

These instructions are directly from their site:

  • After installing and starting the service (which happens automatically on most platforms) your device will generate a ZeroTier address. This is a ten-digit address that looks like 89e92ceee5
  • To actually connect to anything you will need to join a network. These have 16-digit network IDs that look like 8056c2e21c000001. You can get a network ID from someone else or you can create your own network at

Once you have your ZeroTier network, you should install ZeroTier on both your Parsec host device and the computer you're using to connect to the Parsec host.

From both devices, join the network you created at It's the 16 digit number I blurred out here:


  • Click on your network and make sure you add the option to assign an IP address on the right side of the page and choose from one of the ranges. You'll need this IP address later.


  • Add that 16 digit number to your ZeroTier application on both devices. 



  • If you kept the network private, you'll then need to accept the devices connecting in the network area of the ZeroTier website.


  • Get the IP address of your new virtual local network from ZeroTier


  • Open the Parsec Computer Settings on the host PC (this is one of the only times you should ever change settings on the host PC). Scroll to the bottom of settings, and click the link to the advanced settings tab. In that text document insert this line on a new line: substituting the x's for the values given in your ZeroTier virtual network.




  • Close the text file after saving it. Restart the Parsec host application by clicking on the Parsec logo in the bottom right corner of the task tray and choosing Restart Parsec.


  • Repeat the process for the IP address of the ZeroTier VPN on your client computer as well.
  • Parsec into the host machine using your other computer.