Interpreting The Parsec Console Outputs

You can access the Parsec console for diagnostics on the Parsec stream at any time. 

Once you click on the console, you'll see this dialog box. It can reveal some interesting information about the quality of your streaming experience.


  • FPS is somewhat self explanatory, but it's the current frames per second that Parsec is sending. Parsec does not send frames when the screen isn't changing. This helps us save bandwidth.
  • L measures encoding latency in the last 100 frames. The first number is the average encoding latency. The second number is the maximum encoding latency. My encoding latency is terrible on the computer I'm using because it uses hybrid graphics.
  • B measures your bitrate. The first number is your current bitrate and the second number is your maximum bitrate. The maximum adjusts based on how much congestion we see in the network. You may have set the maximum to 10 mbps, but if there's a lot of network congestion, we'll lower it to save bandwidth.
  • N measures your network stats. The first number is how many slow retransmits have occurred during the stream. The second number is the number of fast retransmits. The third number is the number of congestion events. You want all of these numbers to be as close to 0 as possible. The slow retransmits and congestion events indicate serious connection issues.