Sharing Your Full Desktop With Friends

If you want to invite a friend to game with you, you can add them as a friend, or you can create a link that you can send to them however you want. This creates a temporary friendship with no permissions. You'll have to accept the incoming connection request and pass controls to the people connected once they are connected. By default, they will not have permission to your input devices and if approved apps is on, they'll be blocked from seeing the computer while your approved apps are not in the foreground of your computer.

Here's a video that explains the different modes of sharing your computer

  • Create a link by clicking on the share button under your computer

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  • Send the link, which is automatically copied to your clipboard to your friends or anyone
  • If you have approved applications on, make sure you approve the apps you want the people connecting to see
  • With that link, they'll be able to connect and start playing games with you
  • You can disable the link by pressing the X next to it

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