Using The Parsec AMI On Amazon

This guide is intended for advanced users only.  This guide is provided as is, and we do not offer official support for this method.  You can always use this script to set up your own cloud gaming PC on any virtual machine automatically.

We offer the capability to launch AWS G2.2xLarge and G3.4xLarge directly from the Parsec application - these instances are fully supported by Parsec and are offered at the same cost as Amazon provides.

Amazon AWS G2.2xLarge and G3.4xLarge Self Setup Guide

Parsec runs on g2.2xlarge and g3.4xlarge instances that you can rent directly from Amazon Web Services. Our preconfigured community AMI is available there.


  1. Before you begin, make sure the Parsec Client is installed on your computer.
  2. From the AWS EC2 Console, select Instances then Launch Instance. Make sure you are in the AWS region closest to you.
  3. When prompted to select an AMI, choose Community AMIs, then search for parsec and use the one with the highest version number.
  4. Choose GPU instances->g2.2xlarge or g3.4xlarge as the instance type. This may require requesting a limit increase on this type of instance. It usually takes about 1 day for AWS to increase the limit to 1.
  5. On the Add Storage page, specify the size of the root drive (C:\). We recommend at least 100 GB.
  6. Just before launch, make sure to proceed without a key pair when prompted so the server automatically logs in.
  7. Set the instances security group to allow TCP port 5900 to the instance for VNC access. To use Parsec, you may also want to open UDP outbound/inbound ports 8000-8002. Parsec uses 3 UDP ports per connection, so if you're going to have more than one person connecting, you may want to open more than 3 ports. For instance, if you're going to have 10 people connecting at the same time, you'd need ports 8000-8029 open.
  8. Once it is ready - connect to the machine via VNC using the public IP address of the instance and the VNC password at the end of this article and sign into Parsec.
  9. Please remember the g2.2xlarge instances are very expensive on an hourly basis. You should shut down your AWS instances when you're done. Save your drive when spinning it down. You will have to pay for this storage. Want to use Spot prices?  Check out this awesome creation by William Parry who automates the process (macOS only).
  10. If you install GPU Driver updates to G3.4xLarge from, you will need to set your nvidia-smi to WDDM and reboot.  


Parsec can only access content in Windows when the program is in windowed mode (or "Fullscreen windowed" mode). If you install games, make sure to start them in windowed mode before you run them or Parsec will not be able to capture video. Here's how to do it with Steam.


The Parsec AMI comes pre-installed with VNC for troubleshooting purposes. VNC runs with elevated privileges and is able to function in certain situations where Parsec cannot. VNC uses port TCP 5900, and has a default password of 4ubg9sde. Make sure to only allow connections to port 5900 from your IP, and change the default password immediately on login — please do these two things. It’s a major security risk if you don’t.