Updating Your Nvidia Drivers On Cloud Machines

Important Information

As of September 3, 2019, new Parsec users will no longer have the option to rent cloud computers. If you already have credits in your account on that date, you will have the option to keep adding credits and renting machines until January 1, 2020. After January 1, you will no longer be able to add credits to your account, and you will need to use your credits entirely by February 1, 2020. If you'd like a refund for your remaining credits, please click here.

You should avoid doing this because it's very easy to make a mistake and then break the entire cloud machine. If, however, you are feeling adventurous and willing to risk losing your data and the machine, make sure you choose the correct driver for your machine.

Connect to your cloud PC

Within the cloud machine, load your favorite browser.


Visit the Nvidia Driver Website

Head to this site

Choose your GPU and operating system

For every cloud machine you rent through Parsec, you are using Windows Server 2016. Please do not choose Windows 10. You will get the wrong driver.

Paperspace - GPU+


Paperspace - P4000


Paperspace - P5000


Amazon - g2.2xlarge

There are no newer drivers available - latest driver is 370.21

Amazon - g3.4xlarge

G3.4xLarge drivers are not updatable

Download and install - Use the command line if you can



**Using the command line is the safest way to update the driver when using a remote machine:**
1. Once the driver is downloaded, open it by double clicking it.  This will extract the contents.  The default location is `c:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver` and a new folder will be added containing the new driver. Make a note of the folder containing the "setup.exe" file which is the driver installer.  It's typically something like, "c:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\375. 63\Win10_64\International\"
2. Right-click on the Start menu in Windows and click "Command Prompt (Admin)"
3. Run the installer by entering the following command (substituting "375.63\Win10_64\ International" with the path of your new driver):
`c:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\375. 63\Win10_64\International\ setup.exe /s /k`


Download and install the drivers. You may lose access to the machine briefly. If there's an issue you can try to Stop the machine and Start it again within the Parsec application.