Error Codes - 15002 (You're Trying To Connect At An Unsupported Resolution)

There are two ways this can happen.

  1. If you are currently using AMD Radeon Optional Drivers, switch to Recommended (WHQL) Drivers and reboot your computer.
  2. If you are using an AMD Radeon GPU, set your host settings on your hosting computer to use H265, and on your client computer, visit client settings and select H265 if it's available.
  3. HDR mode is on in the computer you're trying to connect to. To turn off HDR mode in Windows 10 visit Display Settings > Windows HD Color > Play HDR games and apps.
  4. If you try to connect to your host computer at a higher resolution than your host supports, you'll see this error.  For instance, if your guest computer (the one connecting) has a resolution like 2560x1440, but your host computer cannot encode at that high of a resolution, you'll need to lower the resolution of the stream via the Parsec settings.

Please note, your host computer may be able to display at that high resolution, but the encoder cannot encode at that resolution.