Welcome to your Parsec gaming PC in the cloud.

Important Information

As of September 3, 2019, new Parsec users will no longer have the option to rent cloud computers. If you already have credits in your account on that date, you will have the option to keep adding credits and renting machines until January 1, 2020. After January 1, you will no longer be able to add credits to your account, and you will need to use your credits entirely by February 1, 2020. If you'd like a refund for your remaining credits, please click here.

Read this before getting started with your cloud PC

Hello! Welcome to your new cloud gaming PC, before you get started installing games, please make sure you give below a quick read!

Stuff you should do:

  • Please run all of your games in Borderless Windowed Mode. Performance will be much better.
  • Check out the rest of the FAQ section located to the left of this page.
  • Check out this article for improving quality.
  • Check out this article for reducing lag.
  • Have fun, and reach out to Parsec with any questions regarding our software by creating a support ticket or asking the community on our Discord channel.

Stuff you shouldn't do (otherwise you'll probably break your machine):

  • Do not log out of or uninstall Parsec on your cloud machine! This will break it :(
  • Please do not install new drivers on this machine. If you do, the machine may break. If you really need to change the drivers, make sure you download the version for Windows Server 2016 and please read these instructions.
  • Please do not change networking settings (like IP address or Proxy) or disable your network adapter on the cloud machine, this will break it.
  • Please do not delete any startup items, delete C:\Python27, Uninstall Python 2.7, or install a different version of Python, this will break it.




Can I install anything I want?

Yep! It's your own desktop... You do you..! Provided it is in line with our terms and conditions you agreed to when signing up to Parsec.

What if I run out of hard drive space?

This is a little awkward, but we don't yet support upgrading storage.  You'll need to delete this machine, and create a new machine with the storage space you need.  Don't stress, your existing credit will transfer to the new machine.

Speedtest shows my server is in California...What the?

If you rented a Paperspace server from Amsterdam or US East, it may show its location as California.  Don't worry, it's not actually in California.  Read more here.

Where is the Windows Store?

Due to our providers using Windows Server 2016 (not Windows 10), the Windows Store is unavailable.  Nothing we can do I'm afraid :(

How do I turn this thing off?

Disconnect by pressing the blue Parsec Icon and disconnect, then press Stop on the Parsec app. That will shut down the cloud computer.

My question wasn't answered above ^

There are a bunch of support articles on the left side of this article :)



Have fun!

- The Parsec Team