Black Screen Showing While I Hear Sound And Can See Mouse

In some situations, you may have a black screen appearing on the computer connecting to the hosting computer. There are generally two causes of this.


Lots of games launch the opening credits in fullscreen mode, and your Parsec stream may be set at a different resolution than the one the game believes is the fullscreen of your computer. This causes a black screen. You can either fix this by directly forcing the game into Windowed Mode in its configuration file. The file is typically a text file in your documents folder under Steam or the game. If you can't find this, we recommend using Google to find the configuration file on your computer. Some games will switch to Windowed Mode if you press the Windows Key + d. You'll need to make sure Parsec's immersive mode is on, which you can turn on via the hotkey combination of ctrl + alt + i.


If you have multiple monitors on the host computer, Parsec may be choosing the wrong monitor to stream. This might cause a black screen if that monitor is not plugged into your GPU directly. You can switch your monitor quickly via Parsec's settings on the host, or you can use the Windows Key + P and press the down arrow twice to duplicate all displays. Please make sure you have the Parsec Immersive Mode setting on using the hotkey combination of ctrl + alt + i.