Error Codes - 14003 (Failed To Capture The Host Display)

Applies to: Host (person running the game)

If you're receiving this error it means there is something preventing Parsec from being able to capture the host display.

Parsec Behavior With Windows RDP (Remote Desktop)

For the best performance, you should close all RDP sessions before connecting with Parsec. Parsec is generally able to stay connected at the same time as RDP, but performance will be significantly worse.

Since Windows 10 Build 1903, WDDM graphics mode causes bugs while Parsec and RDP are used together. If you get a -14003, turn off WDDM graphics in favor of XDDM:

  1. Run "Edit group policy"
  2. Navigate to Local Computer Policy -> Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Remote Desktop Services -> Remote Desktop Session Host -> Remote Session Environment
  3. Set "Use WDDM graphics display driver..." to "Disabled"

Laptops with both Intel and NVIDIA graphics
Lock Screen / Protected Desktop

This can happen Parsec's service is stopped, not installed or disabled. 

If you do not see the Parsec services when you look in the Windows services application (services.msc) you may need to reinstall Parsec.

Advanced Users: We recommend you always enable the Parsec service, using its default startup properties (Automatic).


Game Is Running In Fullscreen Mode

Some games that run in fullscreen mode don't report their resolution properly to Windows resulting in a situation where Parsec doesn't know the resolution of the Window to capture. Please run these games in borderless windowed mode. This is rare, but happens with some older games and a few indies.

Headless, Virtualization Or Other Obscure Display Arrangements

Parsec requires the graphics card to believe there is a physical monitor connected to one of the display output ports on the graphics card.

This means you cannot use Parsec in conjunction with a USB Display adapter, and some laptop docking stations.

If you are running a headless system, or attempting to run Parsec from a virtual machine that has a GPU passed through to it, you will need to simulate a display being plugged into the GPU.

If you are running consumer graphics cards (EG NVIDIA GTX or AMD Radeon) you will need to purchase a headless HDMI dongle.  We recommend this one from Amazon.

If you are running QUADRO or TESLA graphics, you may be able to simulate an EDID via NVIDIA Control Panel.