Changing Your Theme Color On Parsec

For those who have been rocking our White Theme since the day we started, we apologize. It's time for your eyes to recover (if you choose). 

Changing your theme on Parsec is pretty simple.

  1. Head to your settings in the app.
  2. Choose Account and navigate down the page.
  3. Choose Light Theme if you so choose, but why would you? Dark Theme is now the default, so you'll probably never visit this if you're new to Parsec because why would you EVER want the Light Theme after seeing Parsec in it's beautiful Dark and neon glory.
  4. If you'd like access to other themes, like Emotion, please support Parsec's development with Warp, and you'll have access to that too :) 

Please note, this is saved locally, so if you're on another computer, you'll need to change the theme on that computer too.