Stream With OBS While Using Parsec

Parsec is a great tool for streamers. You can use Parsec to play games with other streamers and grow your audiences, invite your subscribers to game with you in Arcade, play games that your PC can’t handle, or bypass an Elgato capture card and stream directly from a second PC with Parsec. Beyond these use-cases, streamers and content creators are getting creative and are using Parsec in unique ways to engage with their audiences. 

This guide will show you how to stream your Parsec gameplay to Twitch or Youtube with OBS on Windows. 

1. Run the Parsec Connection in Windowed Mode.

Annotation on 2020-01-10 at 15-11-06.png

2. OBS needs to be set up to use Display Capture

3. Capture the entire screen

4. Crop the screen to get your Parsec Window