Forcing Your Client To Use NVIDIA Graphics On Laptops with NVIDIA And Intel Graphics

If your client is failing to initialize the hardware decoder on a laptop with an NVIDIA 200 (m) series or better GPU, you may be able to force it.

How to force your Parsec client to use Nvidia graphics

1. Right click the desktop of your laptop and select NVIDIA Control Panel


2.  Select "Manage 3D Settings" and make sure Preferred graphics processor is set to Auto-Select.


3. Select Program Settings tab and click Add.  (Don't add the Parsec app in the list aleady, it won't work).


4. Browse to C:\Program Files\Parsec\ and select parsecd.exe from the list of files.


5. Click Open, and add the application to the list.

6. Once the application is on the list select High Performance NVIDIA Processor and click Apply.

7. You may need to restart your Parsec app from the task tray but once completed, you should be able to connect to other computers and use your NVIDIA Graphics to decode the video.