How To Use A Steam Controller With Parsec

Steps for clients to use a Steam Controller with Parsec;

  1. Close Parsec and open Steam
  2. Add parsecd.exe as a non-steam game (C:\Program Files\Parsec\parsecd.exe)
  3. Configure the controls of your Steam controller for Parsec as a non-steam game
  4. Enable xbox controller support in Steam Big Picture
  5. Ensure parsecd.exe is not running, pservice.exe should be left alone if present.
  6. Launch Parsec via Steam, and the controller should work upon pressing any button once connected.

The host can open in their browser (and approve their browser in Approved Apps if needed) to confirm that the Steam Controller's inputs are being picked up.

If you have double controller input, or the controller inputs like a keyboard and mouse, the host may need to disable their own xbox controller support in Steam Big Picture. 

If you have no input, close Parsec entirely and re-launch it through Steam first. If this doesn't resolve the issue, the host should install the ViGEm Controller Drivers and restart their Parsec.

Alternatively, the controller will not act with controller inputs if this guide was not followed correctly.