How To Use A Steam Controller With Parsec

In this scenario, the guest has the Steam Controller.

  1. The user with the Steam controller must download the program GloSC (Global Steam Controller)
  2. Install GloSC and follow the wizard's instructions to set up Parsec as a non-Steam game through Steam.
  3. Using GloSC, launch Parsec through Steam and then connect to the host as normal.
  4. HOST ONLY: Once your guest with the steam controller connects, your computer will begin to install drivers for 4 wireless usb controllers. Simply let this transpire, as it takes little under 30 seconds to complete.
  5. Once this is complete, the Steam controller will be detected as a X360 controller with its inputs and will work for most all games through Parsec!
  6. As a side note, the Steam controller will also still be sending KB/M inputs to the host, but that can be easily subverted by simply removing the KB/M permissions from the guest.