Lag or Latency With Your Parsec Connection


Before anything else, please try lowering your Parsec stream bandwidth and resolution in the Parsec Hosting section of settings on the host computer. Your network or GPU may not be able to handle the highest settings, so please try using the slider to lower the settings. Additionally, we recently changed the default rendering engine on macOS and Windows. On macOS, we updated to Metal, and on Windows, we updated to DirectX 11. If you're experiencing issues (especially on older hardware), please experiment with different rendering engines under client settings.

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Lag when connecting to friends
Lag when accessing your cloud computer
Lag when connecting to your own computer

Things to do on the client (the device connecting).

  1. Disable Vsync in Parsec connection settings
  2. Windows: Switch to DirectX Renderer in Parsec settings
  3. Mac: Add this line to your advanced config (without quote marks, on a new line) "decoder_zero_copy=1" and save the file, then restart Parsec and try changing your renderer.
  4. Make sure you're not using WIFI Boosters, Mesh WIFI like Google Home or Ethernet over power line - they add heaps of lag to Parsec
  5. Plug your laptop/phone/tablet into Power, or Pi 3 into a more powerful USB power supply.
  6. Close background apps

Do this on the host (the computer running the games).

  1. Run your games in borderless full screen mode
  2. Turn off Vsync in the game
  3. Remove any advanced configuration quality setting and change the Parsec Hosting Bandwidth Limit to 5Mbps
  4. Turn graphics setting "Post Processing" to Low
  5. Change the Hosting Settings Stream Resolution to 1280x720
  6. Make sure you're not using WIFI Boosters, Mesh WIFI like Google Home or Ethernet over power line - they add heaps of lag to Parsec
  7. Set your Desktop refresh rate to 60hz
  8. Close background apps


If your lag is everywhere (on desktop and in games), and you're on a Windows client, please switch to a different version DirectX rendering in your client settings. 


If you're experiencing lag in specific applications or games, but not everywhere, this is almost always caused by the application running in Fullscreen mode. If your game can run in Borderless Window/Borderless Fullscreen Mode, please change the game to run that way in the game's video settings. If you cannot change the game to that mode, you should then turn VSync Off in that specific game. This issue stems from how Fullscreen games render.

If your lag is everywhere (including on the desktop, please read the next two sections). These are prioritized in order of easiest to fix to hardest. Try the first fix before going on to the more complicated fix for computers running an older Intel HD Graphics GPU.


If your client computer and host computer have different refresh rates, it will result in what looks like stuttering in the video. We're trying to fix this issue, but for now, use your advanced settings on the peer (client) computer and type server_refresh_rate=60. That will force the hosting computer to a 60 FPS refresh rate. If your host computer is stuttering due to running games at too high of quality settings, please lower the quality setting on the game. A host that struggles to keep up with the demands of a game will send low FPS with Parsec while we assume the computer can handle 60 FPS.