Improving Your Stream Quality

For best quality, choose the highest upload bandwidth option and set H.265 to on if your hardware supports it.

In addition, add this line to your advanced configuration file (found at the bottom of your settings page).

That didn't fix the issue.

Parsec will automatically lower your quality if it senses your network connection has packet loss, high latency, or poor bandwidth.

Parsec prioritizes frame rate/latency over quality when there are network issues.

Check our requirements for network here.

I have super fast internet (100Mbps+ download and 50Mbps+ upload) and even after following the steps above the quality is not as good as I'd like considering my internet connection.  Anything I can do?


Confirm that you don't have a high jitter connection via Also, you can increase this setting on your hosting configuration file (be careful, this will cause issues if you make it too high). The default max is 728kb.

encoder_vbv_max = 728