Creating A Party In Party Finder

Party Finder lets you host and play games with other people using Parsec. There are communities based on games as well as open parties on the Party Finder Page.

The idea behind Party Finder is to create the feeling of a virtual arcade where people meet up, hangout, and play games together.

To create a party, you'll need to be on a computer that can host and have hosting enabled. After that, you can create a party through the shortcut on the sidebar or directly on Party Finder.


After that, create your Party, filling in the details to the best of your ability. Please don't use nsfw words or inappropriate slurs. If we find you doing that or if you're reported by another user, you'll be banned from creating parties. 



You should choose if your party will be private or public. Private parties are hidden from the community page.


You'll also have to approve specific applications to be used in the party. You cannot create a Party without approved apps on, which protect your computer from unwanted access during the gaming session. Your guests will only be able to interact with the computer when these applications are in the foreground. Also, every guest that joins needs to be explicitly granted controller access.


Now, create your Party and wait for people to request to join. While you're waiting, your Party (if you listed it publicly) will show up in the main feed of Parties and on the specific community page. Inactive parties will be removed from the public pages.


After creating the party, you can choose a community to list the game under. You can also change any part of the party via the edit button.