Parsec Web Client

The Parsec Web Client is an experimental client built to increase convenience with Parsec. The performance on the web client will not be as good as our native clients, which you can download here

We also thought you might be interested in how game streaming works in the browser, so we open sourced this client.

That being said, sometimes, you do not have the ability to download one of our applications, you might be looking to jump into your gaming PC for a quick session on a computer that you don't want to download software to, or your friend is just testing a connection - this is what the web client is for.

Some Caveats

  • The web client does not have access to low-level hardware optimizations or hardware decoding. Unfortunately, this just isn't possible today because browsers don't give you direct access to this.
  • If you're experiencing lag on the web client, we recommend you download one of our native clients. You can also try lowering your resolution in the connection settings tab.
  • The web client is only available on Chrome. 82% of Parsec users are on Chrome. The next closest browser in terms of usage is FireFox with just about 5% of users visiting our homepage. We haven't taken the time to implement FireFox because it works very differently from Chrome for handling video. Chrome has also implemented a ton of features to make low latency video streaming possible for things like Google Hangouts and Google's Project Stream. Just fyi...if you're on an iPhone and using Chrome, it's not actually Chrome, so please don't try to connect via the web client on the iPhone using the Chrome app. FYI...Chrome on the iPhone is actually Safari.
  • The web client uses WebRTC for its networking. We have a lot less control over the networking causing issues with low bandwidth connections and increased lag. We built our own networking protocol for game streaming because off-the-shelf technology, like WebRTC, don't cut it for the most demanding gaming experiences.

Turning On The Web Client

  • Since the web client is experimental, it's default off. In the future, we will automatically turn it on if the Daemon is not running.
  • It's an experimental setting in the Connection Tab. Turning it on removes some of the other settings from your settings tabs because there's a lot less flexibility than using our native clients.