Cloud Computer Update


As of September 3, 2019, new Parsec users will no longer have the option to rent cloud computers. If you already have credits in your account on that date, you will have the option to keep adding credits and renting machines until January 1, 2020. After January 1, you will no longer be able to add credits to your account, and you will need to use your credits entirely by February 1, 2020. If you'd like a refund for your remaining credits, please click here.

As Parsec evolves, we're making some changes to how customers can rent cloud machines from us. We're not leaving the cloud gaming business, but we're going to be making some changes to our cloud offering. More information will be shared in the future after the current cloud product end-of-life concludes, but we hope it will be easier.

Why are you removing this?

We believe in the experience of accessing games from anywhere. This is our mission, and we are changing the product experience to focus on this mission. It's always been important to us to demonstrate the power of cloud gaming. When we announced Parsec, we made it a big focus of the announcement to make sure everyone knew how to set up Parsec on Amazon Web Services. We'd love to continue to give you access to a desktop PC in the cloud, but for most people, this is not what they're looking for when they come to Parsec. Most people who use our cloud product just want to play their games without owning hardware. The additional complexity of a desktop computer in the cloud makes this product far more difficult to understand and frankly very confusing and expensive for our customers. If you'd like desktop access, we suggest heading to Paperspace and renting our template from them on supported hardware.

I want to keep cloud gaming with Parsec

No problem! If you have a cloud machine with us or have deposited credits before September 1, 2019, you'll be able to keep using the product as-is until February 1, 2020. The last day to add credits to your account will be January 1, 2020. Because this is a very disruptive change, you can request a refund for your remaining credits at any time here.

If you have your own account at a cloud infrastructure company (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Paperspace, or elsewhere), here's how you can set up a cloud machine with desktop access set up perfectly with Parsec.