Parsec Arcade

Parsec Arcade Is In Beta

Parsec Arcade is currently in beta, and only supports some DirectX 11, DX9 and OpenGL titles. We hope to add more game support in the future.

Parsec Arcade is our latest feature that helps you play local, offline multiplayer and couch co-op games with your friends, online.


1. Join games in the Arcade that are open and have available seats

2. Host games publicly or privately for you and your friends

3. Join a specific game by pasting the link that a friend sends you and pressing the join button


Parsec Arcade streams the game directly to your friends, so there is no issue of voice chat echo, and no need to keep a separate chat window open in order to talk to your friends - the host can now talk to their friends via an on screen Parsec overlay!

Parsec Arcade supports controllers only.