I Didn't Recieve My Login Confirmation Email

If you are attempting to login to Parsec from a new location and you do not have Two Factor Authentication, enabled you will be sent an email to confirm your login attempt.

If you did not recieve this email you should try the following things before contacting the support team.

  1. Search your email for "Confirming a recent login attempt on Parsec" - this is the subject line of the email we send to you.
  2. Check your spam folder for an email titled "Confirming a recent login attempt on Parsec"
  3. If you have recieved confirmation emails from Parsec before, make sure that the email we just sent you didn't automatically get "threaded" to a previous email you have recieved.  You can identify the email by the IP address listed in the email.  The IP address will match the IP address listed on the Parsec login screen.

Login screen message:


Email message:


I still can't find my login confirmation email.

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