Error Starting An Arcade Session

Common Arcade errors can be resolved by restarting your game and Parsec. If that doesn't work, please read on.

Arcade is a new product that connects Parsec with your favorite games to share them online with friends. It's a huge step forward in game streaming with friends keeping your stream locked into your game, giving you the ability to tightly control what people see when they play games on your computer with you. You can also control the stream from within the game.

This video shows you how to host using different modes of Parsec.

At times, however, Arcade will have errors. Arcade requires specific features and integrations with each game. You may run into an error when playing a game that we have not integrated with yet. We are sorry for that. We are monitoring the errors and will continue to add more integrations over time. In the meantime, you can always use computer sharing.