Overriding Local Configuration File Settings With The Windows Registry

You can apply settings configuration policies to the Parsec app via the Windows Registry. Configuration settings policy applied via the Registry will override any user configuration done in the Parsec settings UX, or in the configuration file (config.txt).

Create a String Value named "Configuration" in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Parsec Registry Key.

This is the same location as the TeamID is stored.

The value data will be based on the configuration options you select, the configuration values should be colon(:) separated.

An example sets the connection to use a maximum of 15Mbps, and default to using H265 video codec when possible. It also hides the Parsec Arcade and Friends List from the Parsec App.   Just note that setting this does not disable the Arcade or Friends list functionality at an account level, but rather just hides those features from the Parsec UI on the computer the policy was configured on.


In order for the configuration policy to apply, the Parsec app must be restarted.  You can validate the policy by viewing the settings section of the Parsec app.  Your users will also be able to see which settings are applied by policy and cannot be changed.


You can also add these Windows Registry settings by creating a .reg file, with the contents like this.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



You can apply additional settings to hide app functionality such as the Parsec Arcade and Friends.

You can view advanced configuration settings here.

To make your life easier, here are some settings you may be interested in.

Hide the Parsec Arcade:

Hide the Parsec Friends list:

Set the connection bandwidth limit to 15Mbps:

Disable hosting on a computer:

Set the Parsec computer name:

Set the first UDP port the Parsec app will try use when a connection is initialized to this computer: