Firewall Rule To Block Non-Teams Accounts From Hosting

You can block non-Teams accounts from hosting within your network by using your Team's websocket API. First, you should configure your office firewall to block the Parsec consumer APIs and whitelist the Parsec Teams API. Next, you need to add the URL to your configuration file on each host.
Configure Your Office Firewall 
  1. Deny non-Team usage of Parsec by blocking connections to this domain:
  2. Allow connections for your team to this domain:
    For example, if your team ID is 1abcdefg, you would configure your network to Allow
  3. (Optional) Block * at a lower priority than the Allow rule from step 2. This will ensure that someone cannot sign up for a different team and connect to it from your network.

Parsec App Config
  1. Head over to your Teams page (only Team owners can do this)
  2. Turn on Websocket Override
  3. Make the changes to your firewall, and only people using Parsec for Teams can use Parsec inside your network