Configuring Shared Workstations for your Team

We are working on making this a simpler process. But for now, you'll need to follow the steps below to create shared workstations. 

Parsec was initially designed for one user to "own" a hosting computer and to connect to that owned computer from other devices. When the owner invites a friend to connect or shares a link to connect to the computer, the guest could join, but they have fewer privileges on the computer. Providing access to a pool of computers is a key need for many video production companies, and we're working to provide that capability. In the meantime, there's a workaround using Groups and the Parsec friending system.

  1. Create an account for the shared computer - you could potentially use the admin account created to start the team.
  2. Download and log into Parsec on the computer using that account.
  3. Make sure your team members are either in the same group as the account logged into the shared computer or that the account logged into the shared computer is in a group that all other members who need access to the computer have the permission in Groups to make an outgoing request to connect.

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  1. Friend every member of your team from the account that is logged into the shared computer.

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  1. Ask your teammates to accept the incoming friendship request.

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  1. After the friendship is established, change the default permissions on connection.

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  1. If you'd like each member of the team to have the ability to connect without approval (i.e. no one needs to accept the incoming connection request), make sure you check the last box.

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If you're using one admin account to allow anyone to connect to the machine, but each user has their own Windows credentials, please read this article about Machine Level Access.

If everything is configured properly, everyone will be able to see the computers that the admin account has signed into. If you'd like to make it so that only 1 person can connect to each machine at any given time, you can edit the configuration file on each workstation (you can copy and paste the text file to make this easier) to set the max connections to 1. You can do that by typing server_max_clients=1.