Moto Z Gamepad Mod Support/Button Mapper

For some reason when using my Moto Z Gamepad and the mobile app, the triggers are reversed. AKA, shoot is left, and aim is right. Could you add support for this gamepad or a button mapping tool?



  • I'm having the same issue on my Moto 5 G and Tronsmart gamepad. Left trigger is right and vice versa.

  • Has this been fixed?

  • I still have the issue. I believe it to be a problem with the tronsmart gamepad on parsec, and not the Moto 5 G. The controller works fine with other applications, but a friend of my got the same controller and also has the same problem with parsec. 

  • I had this issue with the SteamLink app for the first week too, but it's cleared up there. Not sure why it's not fixed in Parsec.

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