LAN only mode

I would like to see the option to add a computer that could only be accessed from the same LAN network.

I have no problem with the authentication via Parsec or logging or error reporting. I see this as a security feature. If my login data gets leaked or is not strong enough a hacker still could not connect to my gaming PC. And if I want to game over the internet just toggle the 'LAN only mode'.

I'am verry impressed with the performance, never saw anything like this, and this is the only thing missing for me. Thank you.



  • I also agree there should be a toggle for LAN only mode or at minimum two factor authentication. However that toggle should only be accessible on the host machine, otherwise it's useless for security if someone on a remote machine switches the toggle.


    With that said if they do that they should also force LAN connections via detection even if the toggle is not set to LAN only, and if the PC is remote then keep it on that remote protocol.


    P.S Have you tried the "network_try_lan=1" setting yet? I plan on seeing what that does, but i bet it only forces LAN connection if possible while still leaving remote connections a possibility (might need to block ports in router which would be annoying).

  • I think it would be nice if we could configure bandwidth settings differently for lan/internet... I don't want to force 30mbps if I'm away, but on my wired second PC sure... have at it.


  • Hi
    I am very sorry for reporting back so late. After I build a DIY opnsense firewall, I was finaly able to try some stuff.

    The solution that worked best for me was to block the outgoing traffic originating from the default server ports (22613 - 22615).

    This setup has the advantage to prevent any public connections and does not require any changes in the settings from parsec. If I then want to make a global connection I only need to alter the server start port setting in parsec. It is not very pretty but it works.

    I hope this helps someone :-)

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