Option to choose Audio Devices for host



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    +1 My (somewhat arcane) streaming setup pumps audio to speakers via ASIO, so WDM doesn't see it and Parsec won't copy the audio from the default device.

    Just need to be able to select my "Game audio" sink as the audio device to listen to. Setting the device as default works correctly but interferes with other software making the same assumptions about my default devices.

    Thanks <3 Parsec looks promising

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    I am also in desperate need/favor of this idea!


    The ability to select input & output audio devices is crucial for someone like me who stream local-coop games while utilizing virtual audio mixers for mic and sound enhancement, but this is currently not an available option that can run alongside with Parsec.


    Parsec's echo cancellation has simply never worked for me, and to be able to cancel it's echo and still do the things I do with my virtual audio mixers, the option to choose audio devices is a must.


    My guess is that this would be true for quite a number of streamers should Parsec become more popular and widely used in streams in the future.

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