Virtual monitor when none is connected/detected.

Apparently with normal GPUs if you try to connect when the GPU is not connected to a monitor (or its not detected) you have black screen and hear audio. As soon as you connect a monitor (or turn it on) it will work normally.



  • There is an HDMI virtual monitor device that you need to connect to make this work. I have a headless server running in my house and it works perfectly with this device. $10 on Amazon fixes this problem. :-)

  • I have read about it. The thi g that I'm actually curious about is that: I have a 144hz main monitor on the host (I use it when, I'm home) but when I attach a second monitor (to act like the dummy adapter that you mentioned) all the system will go at 60fps (cause the vsync enabled by default on windows).
    So my question is, can that dummy be configured to act like a 144hz monitor?

  • You would need ALOT of bandwidth for a 1080p stream at 144hz... or it will be really pixelated. Do you have 100mb up at home?



    The one I bought does 120hz that's probably the best you'll be able to do.


  • No I don't plan to stream 144hz, I connect home just to work (30fps are more then enough). Thing is that when I get back home I would like to play 144hz without bothering disconnecting the dummy plug. Thanks for the link, I was looking for one that could do 120hz, I can overclock it to match the 144hz of the monitor!

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