It would be awesome if parsec could send a magic packet to wake up a Pc that is shut down.



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  • I agree this would be cool. But unfortunately WOL isn't very good over the internet.

    I think a better idea would be to add a WOL relay feature into parsec. Basically you would have a secondary device with the parsec client running 24/7 on the same local network as your parsec computer.  A Raspberry Pi would be perfect because it hardly uses any power so leaving it on 24/7 isn't a big deal and it is cheap.  


    For example of what this could look like. When you open up Parsec you will have two devices your parsec computer that is grayed out because it is off. And your Pi that is normal because it is on. You will have a power on button next to your parsec computer when you click it it will ask you what device to send the WOL packet or it could just send the packet out of all computers you have access to.



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