Input lag with certain mouses

Hi. I recently had an issue where I had massive input lag from my Razer mouse. Switching to my Logitech wireless mouse solved the issue.

I thought I'd mention it for people who are having huge lag in parsec, and can't figure out why. Try a different mouse, particularly a wireless mouse.

As particularly in Far Cry 4, my frame rates crashed from the 40s and 50s to the single digits when moving my razor mouse around. Where as with my $30 logitech wireless keyboard and mouse from the super market, the games run perfectly over parsec to the same PC.

Also dropping the graphics quality to the absolute minimum had no effect on this frame rate issue. It actually seemed to make it worse in Far Cry 4 when I dropped the graphics settings down lower than the very high settings.

It's worth noting also, that I couldn't replicate the input lag issue with Rainway. The Rainway streamer, although crappy in general, didn't get the lag issue from my Razor mouse that occurred via Parsec.




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