Controller freezing when doing a lot of inputs



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    Benjy Boxer

    Hey Joel. That's almost certainly due to your upload and not due to a lot of inputs on the controller. What's your friend's internet speed? What's your download speed? 1mbps could get pretty filled up with lots of controller inputs being passed from the client to the host. Although these are really small amounts of data, a lot of them combined might be flooding your low upload bandwidth.

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    Joel Sj

    That is what I thought at first. However, when checking the resource monitor Parsec is uploading 160,000 bytes/s as a host which I assume is my upload limit. But if I'm the client and I am connecting to a host then Parsec is uploading at 10,000 bytes/s when idling. If I start doing inputs on my controller the upload reaches 20,000 bytes/s which isn't even close to my upload limit of 160,000.

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