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This is more of an inconvenience really, but I found a problem with the keyboard shortcut for disconnecting when using some keyboard layouts.

Personally, I use the Swedish Keyboard Layout, which makes it impossible to disconnect with the assigned keyboard shortcut [Ctrl + Alt + `]. I can use the "grave accent" symbol elsewhere by using Shift + Fn + the key directly to the left of backspace (at least on my own Nordic keyboard, using the Swedish Layout). However, when I try to use this in the shortcut, it doesn't work correctly. I would guess that this is because using Shift and Ctrl together makes it an Alt Gr (at least on the Swedish Layout).

Would it be possible to, in some form - either in the config file or as an additional ordinary setting - add a way to change the keyboard shortcuts used in the Parsec Button? Sure, I could change the layout to for example English (US), however, that would in turn create other problems when it comes to the games I play.



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  • +1 on this one, but for a different reason.

    The ctrl+shift+w shortcut for toggling windowed mode conflicts with the controls of a lot of games.

    Particularly in Warframe it's a key combo you'll be using all the time.

    I've accidentally toggled it in other games quite frequently as well, especially in heated moments. While changing to windowed mode the Parsec window freezes for a few seconds, thus causing extra frustration.

    Immersive mode also does not bypass this.

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