My raspberry pi 3 B+ configuration



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    sanava (Edited )



    Can you please check the my topic and try to help?

    About your topic... thanks a lot for the info, i'm not a "linux" expert. my setup is very similar to yours.

    i use in my ~/.parsec/config.txt also:

    encoder_min_qp = 5

    It's a parsec team sugestion.


    About gaming, I also use a dualshock 4 via bluetooth with ds4drv and run games like "witcher 3" in 50-60 fps with no lag or glitches. 

    PS: connected by cable, not wifi.


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    kvern (Edited )

    Thanks for the encoder_min_qp, as I understand it, it reduce compression strengh, and make Parsec use more bandwidth.

    As a result on a raspberry with a good connection, the quality is greatly improved and the gameplay is no more stuttering.

    For your other question, I will reply in your thread.

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