Raspberry pi 3 video cuts out

Hi folks,


I'm just trying to get parsec up and runnings on my raspberry pi, installed alongside retropi via this handy script (https://github.com/Kozova1/Parsec-Integration-With-RetroPie).

It's close to working, I can connect to my host (laptop Dell XPS 15), and I see the screen and hear the audio for about 5 seconds, then the screen display returns to the retropie menu option, but I still hear the audio, and the client remains connected to the host (as I can see via the parsec app on my host)

I don't know if there's any logs I can look at to help diagnose what's going on. The console logs on the host show output such as ([2018-10-27 13:05:28] FPS:15.0/0, L:12.4/17.2, B:1.2/10.0, N:6/0/0) while the video is working but then stops as soon as the video stops streaming.

I'm connected over the wifi (I know, it's not ideal, and I was intending on doing a quick proof of concept before fully tinkering with the settings) but I figured if that was the problem I'd at least get an error. 

This sounds more like it may be a retro issue, but hopefully someone here can help me diagnose what's going on.


Many thanks







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  • Never mind. PEBUAK.

    Misunderstood exactly how the retropie integration worked. I was running the parsec client via an ssh session, but then kicking it off again via the retropie menu.

    All sorts of things were going wrong as you may expect.

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