Latency Issues with streaming

Hi There, 

I seem to be having a strange issue with streaming on Parsec. I am connecting from my laptop at work, to my home desktop. Initial to this, I am already also on a VPN between my laptop at work to my home router, so I am "local" per se. My speed test shows 40DL/40UL, latency test at 9ms. Connection seems to work fine initially keeping up with busy fights even, as i start playing a game ( yes yes i should be working! :P), however, suddenly latency hits start happening, and i am behind 1-2 seconds at times.

I have no idea why. VSYNC is off as per your website suggestion, I am on software rendering as the hardware rendered on my laptop was having issues as well in parsec. 

Any suggestions? i even put my client port = to my server port at my host PC at home and that port is also port forwarded at the router to the host PC. 

Any help would be wonderful. Thank you. 




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