Keyboard Shortcut ctrl+shit+W

I recently started playing games via the cloud, paperspace + parsec. Only I have a problem that makes me crazy. Continuously I press the next key combination ctrl + shift + w, which minimizes my screen. It is also inconvenient that this key combination is made, if you play games these are the which are used very often.

Is there someone who knows how to change or block this?


Thanks in advance.



  • I can second this, it doesn't mesh well at all for people who play games that use the standard WASD controls. I often find myself moving forward, sprinting with Shift and quickly going to duck into cover with Ctrl, only to find myself staring at a tiny window abruptly. It has been attempted to be fixed by changing my key bindings, but years of muscle memory is hard to break.

  • Parsec is working on this problem, I hope they fix it this week.

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