Parsec always freezes after some seconds

I used parsec a couple months back and it worked smoothly and I was very pleased with the experience.
However when I tried to use it again last week, every time I connect online to a PC that's not on the same network as mine, parsec freezes the streaming after a couple seconds and it never comes back. I get a message saying "Slow network" that comes and goes, but am sure it can't be my network since I upgraded it to 50 Mb dl and 20 Mb ul recently. Here's what I tried with no success:

1- Using same account.
2- Lowering video quality.
3- Adjusting video hosting options (Decoder and such)
4- Turned off firewall and windows defender on both PCs completely.
5- Used web and application

I suspected it's the router so I changed it to an old one, no success.

Parsec works with PCs connected through LAN but not online computers, whether same account or different accounts. Both PCs are fairly high end, with one having a GTX 970 and core i5 7600K and the other one is a laptop with a 980m and a core i7.




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